I did it! I actually did it!

When it comes to beauty, I’m always nonchalant about it. I never considered it to be important especially my hair.

I always choose the hair that last longer and takes less time. So, some months back, I decided to fix fake dreads and I did.

It took a lot of time but I endured through it because I knew I could carry it for a while. BUT some weeks back it began to feel like something was crawling in my hair. Yea, you thought right. I got Lice in my hair!

I couldn’t believe it. How? Where? I washed. I dried. I stretched. It didn’t go away.

So I made the decision to cut my hair to make treatment easier. I did not realize I actually cherished my hair until I saw it fall as the clipper ran through it. I almost chickened out halfway.

I woke up this morning and shocked myself when I glanced at the mirror. I keep touching my head and getting shocked.

What are the tips for growing your hair faster?


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